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Book signing is not just for the rich and famous! You can do it, too. Major book publishing firms plan and fund book signing tours that run into many thousands of dollars for their authors. It is difficult for independent publishers to match their resources. You don't have to resort to virtual book signings, though. Low-cost book signing tours can put you into the same arena as the celebrities. Believe me, the reading public holds published authors in high regard. Read about real authors' exciting experiences doing book signings and the associated media interviews in this book. If you're not doing book signings, you are leaving money on the table.

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Dr. Joe Vitale, Best  Selling Author and Musician


"A comprehensive guide to successful book signing for new and emerging authors. Jo and John provide clear step-by-step guidance to make signings more profitable."

Dan Poynter, Author The Self-Publishing Manual

Learn how to use these secrets to get
your book seen and sold!

Let "From Book Signing to Best Seller" be your guide!

Plan every aspect of a single book signing or a complete tour

Avoid trial and error - Create a spectacular event your first


Live comfortably on the road with road-tested travel tips

Assemble your media kit

Contact the decision makers for a book signing event

Get maximum results for the lowest possible cost

Develop a trip book that eliminates scheduling confusion

Get the publicity you deserve and turn it into cash after you do. Primary resource:

Cash in on follow-on seminars and consulting

One Appendix even guides you in what to say when you talk to the Community Relations Manager about setting up a book signing at their location.

There are many ways to promote your book, but none is as "up close and personal" as a book signing event. You can do a virtual book signing, of course, and Alex Mandosian shows you how. But you won't be "pressing the flesh." Authors are very important people in our world. Readers want an opportunity to shake their hands, look them in the eyes, find out who they really are. Book signing is the only way that puts an author with a reader. It gives the author an opportunity to share additional tidbits, such as their motivation, their writing experiences and challenges. A book signing does not have to be in a book store.

See how easy and fun it is to do a book signing

While writing our first book, my coauthor, Bennie Bough, and I looked at all the angles and decided to self-publish. We wanted to maintain more control over the project, and make more money.  We discovered that book signing helps level the playing field for self-published authors.  I took our first book, 101 Ways to Improve Your Communication Skills Instantly, and started with a 3- city book signing tour. That book has now become a best seller, has been translated into twelve languages, and is sold all over the world.

One of the highlights of book signing my second book, Take Charge of Your Life, was a signing at the Barnes and Noble bookstore in Rockefeller Center in New York City. I followed my own advice and started calling. Imagine how happy I was months later to see four copies of my book surrounding a poster, announcing my book signing, in the store window on Fifth Avenue in New York City!  Picture yours there!

I have also had signings where the store sold out of my books, there were standing room only crowds for my mini-seminar before the signings, and yes, a few "no shows."   This book shows you how to handle all of them with dignity.

From Book Signing to Best Seller lets you:

Look over the shoulder of an author in the arena.

Learn how to prevent "no shows."

Master the phone calls to get people to set up book signings.

Create a trip book that gets you there ready to go on time, every time.

Avoid mistakes that shout "inexperience!"

When you self-publish, you are like a general contractor building a house; the foundation is the book and it needs to be solid. The roof is not icing on the cake; it's marketing to create demand and sales. It's hard to do it all yourself. Like a general contractor, the self-publisher has to decide when to let someone else help out. This book, From Book Signing to Best Seller, figuratively takes an author or publisher by the hand and walks them through the entire process - from calling to set up a signing, to taking the bow after it's over and moving on to the next signing.

By using the gold nuggets in From Book Signing to Best Seller you can:

Advance book sales

Have better shelf display

Use virtually free advertising and sell more books

Get recognition as the expert in your field

Make critical networking leads

Generate opportunities for speaking engagements

In today's book marketing world most published writers are learning that if their work is to have any kind of shelf life it's up to them to promote it.  This book is all  you need to get started.  From Book Signing to Best Seller is a must for any author whether the book is self published or published by a major New York Publisher.
Maryanne Raphael, Writers World
Thanks for getting me started! I've lined up a book signing tour all by myself by following your instructions. It's paying off!
Allison Acken, Ph.D., Author of "It's Only Money"

Jo Condrill and Tom Ellis, who arranged the tour.

"Filled with great ideas to get more out of what you've already got! Signing books in the back of the room at your seminar is profitable; signing at bookstores and other venues while on the road, simply adds to your prestige and profitability. This book shows you how."

June Davidson, CSL, President
American Seminar Leaders Association

"If you have a book the world needs to know about, get on the inside track! After only one coaching session with Jo Condrill I had a tour outlined and days later it was set to go!"

Carolyn Gross, Author
Staying Calm in the Midst of Chaos
2001-2002 President NSA San Diego

"It's great.  It's chock-full of facts, how to's and rich examples and your caring, confident  voice comes through clearly.  I feel you right there, Jo, with a helping hand and a guiding light."

Pamela Kelly, Author
Speak with Passion, Speak with Power


"Your book really gave me the keys I needed. It is one thing to write a book and another, entirely, to get it into the hands of a reader. You have shown me how to do it!"                                                                                           Cline Clark, Author
Hints for Happy Ending

"I have read "From Book Signing to Best Seller," and it is invaluable! I am Co-writing a series of "Guide To" books, and I can't thank you enough for this book."

Kathy London,
Bear Lake, CA

Your Public Awaits!

My best signing ever was in El Paso, TX where I had TV interviews on all the major network affiliate stations, a radio talk show and an article in the paper with a color photo of the book. The standing-room only crowd stood in line long after my mini-seminar to have me sign their book and talk with me a bit. One lady sitting in the audience watching all of this said, "My family is waiting in the car for me, but I don't want to leave."  Imagine yourself autographing your books for people who come from all over just to see and hear you. 

"Don’t enter the book business without this book!
It’s indispensable!"

Irwin Zucker, Founder
Book Publicists of Southern California

Now, it's time to take your show on the road!

Some authors pay a publicist $1000 per city to set up
signing events and media interviews!

And if you go the self-publishing route, you don't have to wait months, maybe even years, for the a publisher to accept/publish/market your book while you only get to keep a fraction of the profits.

"Wish I'd had this book when I did my first book signing! From Book Signing to Best Seller will help you get your book off the shelf and into the hands of those who need to read it. Highly recommended."

Larry James, Author
Ten Commitments of Networking: Creative Ways to
Maximize Your Personal Connections

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And because I have "been there", I know that when you are self-published, you need to know where to go to find information that you need.  Knowing where to find information you need saves you time and time is money!   It would be very valuable for you to have my resource list.  This is a list of the most valuable resources that I have found on my way to becoming a best selling author.  You will have this important list without having to do the research yourself.  The time and money you will save from this bonus alone is staggering.  I wish that I had been given this list in the beginning.  If you started one for yourself right now, it would take you years of experience to compile a list like this.  This list is worth at least $97 depending on the value you put on your time. 

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Jo Condrill


"From aleph to zed 'From Book Signing to Best Seller' delivers the rules of the book signing game in spades.    All you need to know is here now. Don't leave home without it."

Burt Dubin

P.S. You deserve to get the publicity that authors who use major publishing houses have. Conduct a low cost book signing tour. Find the secrets to successful book signing tours here!

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